More Extraordiary Abilities

Last week, I opened the door to one of many areas of our existence that is shrouded in doubt and suspicion.
This "shroud" alone is one where those who have "out of the ordinary" abilities may well be afraid of a witch hunt if they were to reveal them.n Fortunately, people are now trickling out, revealing remarkable (some might define as) "miraculous" abilities. This week, I want to expose you to more remarkable people, that we may allow for the possibility that we have available within us, a Power of Infinite Possibility. I share this information that we may let go of our perceived notions of limitation and open to the World that has been heretofore labeled as "Magic".

Change The Weather

As our governor is considering making a formal declaration that California is in a drought, many consider what can be done to bring the rains. I ran into (walked into really) a friend yesterday, who had just returned from a ritual, with the intention of bringing rain. Another friend had been to a ritual on Saturday, lead by a Tibetan Rimpoche, with the intention of bringing the rains. We've all heard of "rain dances", well here's a person who's job it is to change weather:
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For 3 years, I hosted monthly drum circles at the coast. It's a cosmic combination, being on the beach, around a fire, with music, drumming, and dance. During many of these events have I experienced this weather changing phenomenon. I remember one evening, whilst drumming around the fire, it was raining all around us, but NOT ON US! In fact, there was a "hole" through the clouds directly overhead, where we could see the stars!!! Cosmic indeed!

Animal Communication

What do St Francis & Dr. Doolittle have in common? Yup, they both communicated with animals. Well, this next woman is astounding in her ability to "talk with the animals". Take a look: 
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Cure Cancer
What if we could cure cancer NOW? What if the ability existed NOW? Are you 
skeptical? If so, why? Because it's "miraculous"? Something is only miraculous
when we don't know how to do it. Consider airplanes, telephone and the internet.  At one time  
these technologies might have been assigned to the realm of "magic" or even "witchcraft".
Well, I invite you to join me now in witnessing an end to cancer:
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As you witness this remarkable phenomenon, what do you think and feel? Are you
suspicious? Why? Could your suspicion be getting in the way of recognizing 
abilities of your own? 
Have you ever experienced healing happen at an accelerated rate? I've had the
privilege of assisting people through accelerated healing, whether through
relieving the excruciating pain of kidney stones or being free of the addiction
to smoking cigarettes. Here's a statement from a woman with kidney stone pain.
"Sahar has tapped into something powerful - the ability to use rhythm, sound, and 
energy to get to the heart of the matter. I have experienced his gifts in an almost 
magical way. He helped me regain my health when I had been suffering with what
appeared to be kidney stones. I walked in weak and hurting, and walked out whole.
I can't explain it, but I sure can attest to it". ~ Venus Maher
I don't list this testimonial to "toot my own horn", but to acknowledge how 
accessible this Power Of Infinite Possibility is. 
If it happened through me, it's available through you as well. 

I gotta tell ya that when I suffered (and ooohweee did I suffer) from kidney stones,
I was also exposed to the use of rhythm and sound in my healing. My wife Rebecka
drove me down to the Oakland Kaiser, where exists a million dollar machine that
performs something called Lithotripsy. I was given a Valium a few minutes prior to
the procedure and asked to wear one of those silly gowns, that exposes your butt.
I laid down on this machine, while one person directed this long arm (that looked
like a dental x-ray machine) towards my kidney stone. They proceeded to pulse
sound waves into the stone and within 46 minutes, they had dissolved it! Now just 
how COOL is that?!?! The irony was not lost on me, that I, a rhythmicist, was being healed
using sound waves in a rhythmic pulse! After the Lithotripsy treatment, I put my clothes 
back on and my wife drove me home. Just 20 years ago, people would have scoffed if I had
told them this story. Twenty years ago, I would have been in the hospital for as much as
two weeks, during which time I would have had at least one invasive surgery.
As I share with you this technological means of dissolving kidney stones, be aware of your
level of acceptance to this as compared to any suspicion you may have upon witnessing
video of the group's dissolving of a cancerous tumor 
Some years ago, I read a few books purported to be channeled  from Pleidians. 
(During this time, I felt as though I was in the presence of unseen beings. But that's
another story.) I was fascinated by reading their observation that we invent tools to
remind us of what we are naturally capable of. They said that we created the microwave
oven to remind us that nothing is solid; that everything is made up of matter, which is made
of energy. We created the electric light, that we might go out into the dark and no longer 
fear it. We created the telephone and the internet to remind us that we are telepathic. 
                           What's next? 
Access the Wealth of Strength, Creativity, and Joy within you

It is my profound honor to assist you through whatever passage you are traversing, to a  deeper
 awareness of your innate worth, and the recognition and expression of your unique Gifts.

Through February, I offer new client sessions on a donation/ barter basis.
I'm available for sessions by phone, Skype, or in my Sebastopol office.

 "Much gratitude to Sahar for reminding me who I am and how I want to be in the world: 
an expression of Divine love. Sahar is an amazing counselor both emotionally and spiritually
(as well as so many other things!). Working with him has transformed me."  ~ Sue Deanne
 "You allowed me to look deeply into the intricacies of how I function, discovering truths 
which I hadn't realized. This is accelerated therapy that gets to the core of the truth. -N. Grace 
"... allowed me to learn about who I really am and what I want in life."  -P. LaDeau
 "You prepared the space for growth that set the stage for breakthrough experiences."
          -Dawson Church, co-author of Heart of The Healer with Norman Cousins

Join us in the ecstasy of song, Wednesday, January 29th, at The Center For 
Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa. This free evening of chanting will be from 7-8:30pm. 


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