The Drum Circle: A Time For Connection

Ever been to a sporting event with thousands of people rooting for one of two teams? Quite provocative, right?  Lots of energy, lots of excitement. Whenever we are in a group with an aligned focus, our experience is amplified. This is the amazing gift of the drum circle. As the group aligns with a steady tempo, we experience an amplification of the peace we experience in meditation. This is a form of group meditation. Take a look at these amazing results of studies documenting the profound effect of this dynamic:

In drum circles, I witness participants drop into peace and  experience an expansion of the sweetness we identify as intimacy. As each person drops into stillness it becomes easier for others to follow. The "default" state of everyone present is no longer of thought and separation, but of peace and Oneness, creating a kind of hundredth monkey dynamic;  the more people who enter peace, the easier it is for those who haven't to do so.

To listen to an extended interview I had on this subject, with Susan Baron, a Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology at the PsyD Program at California Institute of Integral Studies, click on:      (cut and paste into your url)

Drumming In Celebration Of
Our Sacred Traditions During this darkest time of the year, are you yearning to be with others in an intimate and supportive environment? I invite you to join our circle through the holidays and the birth of a new year. We'll gather in a warm, candle-lit home, around a fireplace. The rhythms will be soulful, the guided meditations, tranquil and reflective. 6 Thursdays, beginning December 15th Held at 1356 Hurlbut Ave., Sebastopol 7-9pm. $120. (707)331-5460 We will honor each of the following holidays: Dec 15th: Solstice. Embrace the gifts of this darkest time. Dec 22nd: Hannukah/ Diwali: the Festival Of Lights. Welcome the light. Dec 29th Christmas: honor the birth of innocence and love within. Jan 5th New Years: renewal of intention. Welcome the new. Jan 12th Martin Luther King Day/Kwanzaa: Celebrate African American culture. Jan 19th: Honoring our Local/Global community/family. If you are inspired to share a ceremony with us, please contact me. Visit my web site: Read my blog at: On YouTube: On Facebook: Sahar Eric Pinkham About Sahar I have been playing hand drums for 36 years and teaching them for 22 years. My study has taken me to the feet of Zakir Hussein. He has been given the moniker of "worlds greatest drummer" by The Grateful Deads' Mickey Hart. At The Ali Akbar Khan School, I studied with Swapan Chauderi. I studied extensively with the Sikh priest Sham Sher Singh. I also have had the honor a brief study with BabaTunde Olatunji. I teach congas, djembe, tablas and other hand drums. I teach group series and private drum lessons, out of my home in Sebastopol. I offer private lessons in person and via Skype.I tailor a lesson plan that is right for you, in terms of duration, frequency and pricing. As we feel and express our unique rhythm, we align with the Rhythm of Life.

I invite you to take a look at this amazing drum circle, I had the cool privilege of facilitating, in honor of Baba Ola Tunge, at The Health & Harmony Festival.

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