Follow Your Bliss; It's Who You Are

We recently saw "YesMan" with Jim Carey. In it, he makes a "covenant" to say "yes" to every request made of him; to every opportunity presented to him. Though initially saying "yes" to eveything, he realizes that he has not said "yes" to himself. His discrimination develops to the point where he learns to say "no" to his decisions based on what others wanted for him and from him, when it wasn't what he wanted for himself. This allowed him to hear more acutely his intuition (or his "yes") and his wishes for himself.

For me, intuition manifests as a joyous inspiration for a specific action. This joyous excitement (or "yes") is free of any suffering, yet filled with great anticipation.  A very life affirming feeling. If I die today, I want "Follow Your Bliss" as my tombstone epitaph (although, I have no "plans" to leave this mortal coil any time soon). I would place this phrase on my tombstone because these words are a reminder of my vision for my life. and I would call them the "secret of real happiness" for all beings. The more I follow my Bliss, the more Blissful opportunities show up in my life.

I love that bumper sticker that says "If it's not fun, don't do it." Amen to that!!!

We Are Bliss

At age 15, I met an enlightened Being, Swami Muktananda. Three days into my visit with him I had the direct experience of my truest Self. I was joyfully chanting away, my arms swaying, my whole being uplifted. In an instant, the "borders" of my being dissolved; no body to confine me or separate me; no three-dimensional reality whatsoever. Distance disappeared; no here, no there. Time dissolved; no sense of before or after. This experience was of an eternal Now and an Infinity without measure. This was accompanied by a Boundless Joy. Free of thought; completely still, I was not separate or alone. Only our minds conjure up the thought that we're alone.

Thought free, infinitely blissful, transcendent of everything, at one point I had the thought "this is great!" At that very moment this experience began to "shrink". Over the next few hours I became more identified with my thoughts and body. Although, I remember being in the lunch line and still being so blissed out that I hugged a pillar next to me! Even the pillar was a part of the Oneness.

I learned that this experience is called "Satchitananda". "Sat" means Existence Absolute. "Chit" means awareness of this Existence. "Ananda" is Infinite Bliss. I now had a name for my truest Self. Ever since, I have identified that experience as a "pointer" back to the real me.
As you explore every aspect of your life, I invite you to ask yourself: Do I experience joy, vitality, peace, or love when engaged in this?
Or is it a promise of some later reward?
Promises of later rewards are offered by insurance companies, religions (ie Heaven), the promise that making your body look a certain way will get you a relationship. Making enough money will provide future security.

Don't ask the world what it needs
Ask yourself what makes you come Alive
And go and do that.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
~ Harold Whitman Thurman

What inspires you?

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