Meetings With Multidimensional Beings

Searching for our "place" in the universe

As we let go of our prejudice, as we let go of our separateness, we accept all people as our family, we step beyond the belief that we are alone and open to other possibilities. To this end, I invite all of us who have experienced paranormal or metaphysical phenomenon to come on "out of the closet".
I invite you to consider this to be a forum where we can share and open the door to more parallel worlds.

 If you have not experienced anything like what I'm about to describe, may this be a pivotal moment in which you open a door to new possibilities. So, strap yourself in as you're in for a ride.

One evening, as my wife Rebecka and I were enjoying the sunset along the Lost Coast, we noticed a very stange phenomenon above our heads. About 12' up we saw something that I likened to a freeway of transparent brown, little creatures, zooming along in both directions, some from the ocean, heading in and some from the woods heading to the ocean.  We stood dumbfounded. I reached up to see if I could feel them, communicate with them, anything. I couldn't. We wondered "who, what, how, why"?!!!  To this day we don't have answers to these questions.

I believe that we have all experienced phenomenon that didn't relate to anything that we had known before. Perhaps you were too spooked by it to tell another soul. Perhaps you were afraid of how you would be percieved by those with whom you might share your experiences. Yet, as we open ourselves to this phenomena we expand our consciousness. The laws of physics, the tenets of religion, even what some would call "logic"  melt away.

And now I'd like to share some more stories of events that have blown my mind:

One evening while Rebecka and I were sitting in our cabin watching t.v., we noticed a kind of white mist rising from behind the wood stove and floating acros the room to the closet. We were speechless and awed by this. Experiences like these continue to remind us of the vastness of the unknown.

In 1995, a few days after Valentime's Day, as Rebecka and I were returning to love after an argument, the Mylar Valentines Day heart shaped balloon that I had given her, began to float across the room. It floated directly all 20' across the cabin to right above Rebecka's head and then it dropped to directly in front of her heart!!!    She believed that her deceased mother (of 21 years) was expressing her love for her through this phenomenon.

Back in 1989, my first wife and I lived on Orcas Island. We had a beautiful home overlooking Puget Sound.  Up until this particular event, I had always slept through the night. Although, I awoke about 3am, and went downstairs to the deck. As I stood there, I was drawn to look out across the Sound towards Victoria B.C., to a beautiful, warm, and very colorful light.  I knew that this light was conscious, alive. In a split second, it was over my head!!! It had just traveled what I guestimated to be about 40 miles in a split second! I stood there in a deep peace, enraptured by the beauty of this "being". I was aware that it was aware of me and that it was a highly evolved being.  After a few minutes it disappeared. It wasn't a slow flying away, it just literally disappeared; "poof"!   This was a very evocative and intimate experience.

Once in an exquisite drum circle, I experienced myself and all of us as thought free; as One Mind, which by itself was a very profound experience; quite intense. In the middle of the circle, I saw a warm green light. I knew this light to be an integral part of the high frequency we had reached in our alignment of consciousness. I knew this light to be conscious. Once we stopped, I spoke to the woman next to me about this light. She had seen it as well. Waay Cool!
One day, while hiking with a friend at Point Reyes, we left the trail and headed up a hillside. We sat in a grassy field, enjoying the Sun's warmth. Sitting there, I was filled with a profound sweetness and love. Looking down to the field across the trail, I saw a very tall, somewhat transparent Jesus, standing, arms out, loving us. My friend immediately said "Look, there's Jesus"! I experienced what I had heard other's describe as being a "child of God". I felt completely at peace, knowing that every thought, every word, even every breath were in perfect accord with all Life.

The very next day, she and I were at her place, sitting in her yard. We were still basking in the "after glow" of being in Jesus' presence. I looked across her yard, only to see The Buddha!!! He was sitting in lotus position in a tree. He looked different than Jesus had in that I saw no body. I saw a tracing of what I deemed to be his body. I felt a great power surge through my being.

The next few days, I walked on heavenly clouds. I felt that I was completely loved and  that every nuance of my being was in perfect order with Life. Every step...every thought!  Truly, it was Heaven.

I end this by recalling the bumper sticker that was on my truck. The one that when she saw it, my new girlfriend (who later became my wife) had the validation that I was "the one". The bumper sticker read; "Allow For The Possibility". May we all melt the "boxes" in which we have placed ourselves and be Free.

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